Chris is the owner and director of QCNS, spending his days organising the daily workflow and jobs, following up on customer projects and overseeing operations and quality control.  As a child, Chris enjoyed pulling apart everyday appliances such as toasters to investigate how they worked, so a job in technology seemed a natural progression for him.  He uses his skills now to continually advance his knowledge on technology and his easy-going manner helps him communicate this knowledge to people without using “geek speak”. Chris can explain a complicated solution to you in a way that everyone can understand.

Born in the UK, Chris moved to Australia as a toddler and completed his schooling at Somerset College and Griffith University.  A keen mountain biker, he spends his spare time searching for unexplored territory, dodging snakes as he takes his bike off the beaten track.  He is also a self-taught wood working enthusiast that loves tinkering, designing and constructing anything from solid timber light fixtures to loud speaker cabinets.  When asked if there’s a fun fact people might not know about him, Chris answers that he has managed to sit through an entire Twilight movie and that he didn’t mind it so much.