Gareth, although originally from Durban, South Africa, completed most of his schooling locally at Saint Stephens College in Coomera.  He has real knack for communicating with people and truly loves being able to change somebody’s day by helping to fix their computer problems.

As a former ballroom dancer, Gareth is accustomed to always thinking one step ahead.  Part of his job is to assist clients with issues that they are experiencing on their machines, be it on the phone or onsite and he says that this is what keeps his days exciting.  Every day is different from the next.

The most common question Gareth is asked is “Why is my computer so slow?”.  He recommends checking the age of the computer or making sure it isn’t overloaded with programs and bloatware.  These are simple fixes that are often overlooked.

Gareth is a bit of a motoring enthusiast, and when he isn’t working he enjoys driving his car and working on his classic motorcycle.

Gareth’s Team Member Tip would be to restart you computer every now and then.  If you are having a random issue or your computer is running slow, it probably needs a restart!