Cyber security, but better.

Cyber Security

How secure is your data?

If your answer to the above question is “I’m not sure”, you’ve got a problem. And here’s the thing about cyber security problems: you don’t realise exactly how big they are until you’re locked out of your network and have all your private information plastered across the dark web ready to be sold to the highest bidder. Hackers are a bit like pirates. They’re sailing the seven seas (the internet) hunting down treasure (data) to use for their own nefarious purposes (to sell or ransom for profit). They’re cunning, innovative and opportunistic.

All it takes is one small mistake and you could lose everything—passwords, private client information, financial records and even everyday access to your operation. It might sound as though we’re being dramatic—and maybe we are. But that’s only because it is nearly impossible (not to mention expensive) to truly recover what is lost in a cyber security breach. You can’t put a price on what it will cost your business. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try or what you spend, you just can’t get it back.

The risk is not worth it. Ignorance is not bliss.

Get a security check today and uncover your weak spots.

What we offer

We tailor a plan with a fixed monthly fee to suit your business. Our services may include:

  • Basic mandatory updates and security
  • Data loss protection
  • IT phone support and helpdesk for your staff
  • Multi-factor authentication implementation
  • Information security review and reporting
  • Managed firewalls
  • IT budget planning
  • Malware/antivirus protection
  • Cloud security and access control
  • Unusual location login monitoring
  • Vulnerability scanning, phishing attack simulations, penetration testing
  • Dark web account monitoring for breached account detection
  • Security awareness training, the cornerstone to good IT practice!
  • 24/7 Device and hardware performance monitoring and fault prediction.
Cyber Security

Securing your data is a twofold process.

It’s about building impenetrable walls around your valuable information while also assessing who within your organisation might unwittingly bring those walls crashing down. In other words, true cyber security is not a passive system like a malware program that alerts you to potential threats (although this is of course part of it), it’s an active process of hunting out your weaknesses by constantly testing the boundaries of your network and computer security.

Our cyber security packages do exactly that. We combine a suite of highly effective security products and management services to continuously review and improve all aspects of your IT security. Think security reports, monthly on-site checks, vulnerability checks and immediate emergency support. The outcome is reduced downtime, highly resilient systems and a hell of a lot less heartache in the long run.


What Our Customers Say

We have been on an MSP since March 2018. The major benefit to our business is that the MSP is cost effective, rather than paying for all call-outs etc; We highly recommend QCNS; they are able to place reliance on efficient independent IT support with prompt response times.

Brian BaldwinGeneral Manager – Musgrave Hill Bowls Club

We decided to use QCNS for the installation of our phone system as we have found them to be very helpful in supporting us in other (IT) areas and we have always been delighted with their service.

We would recommend the 3cX phone system to other businesses with similar call volumes where their time can be better spent. Try it!

Rob Wood Owner – Ventura Building Surveyors

I have been associated with Chris for over 6 years and have always found him to be honest, reliable and highly educated in his field. Yeronga Services and Community Club has purchased all IT necessitates including computers, laptops and main club server from Chris, as he always follows up with prompt servicing and maintenance any day of the week.With he commitment Chris shows towards our Club, I would have no hesitation in recommending Qld Club Network Services to any company or business that is searching for excellence in IT.

Nathan YoungGeneral Manager – Yeronga Services & Community Club

We made the decision to go on a Managed Services Package (MSP) in August 2018 and we found value in the regular scheduled visits keeping our IT and equipment up to date. WE also found being on a monthly plan made it easier for us to budget as it reduced unexpected IT problems and wait times for site visits.

Peter PurinsGeneral Manager – The Blue Fin Fishing Club

I have known Chris for over 9 years and have worked with him over 2 venues. I not only have complete faith in Chris’s IT capabilities, but his customer service skills and understanding of the industry in which he services is like none I have dealt with in the past. It makes him a pleasure to deal with.

Michael BurgessGeneral Manager – Club Harrington

TECH-SPERTS! Seriously, if the team at QCNS can’t find it, do it, set it up, fix it, programme it, write it … it can’t be done.

They are amazing with their extensive experience, honed skills, knowledge, performance excellence, time management and most of all customer service with a great attitude and always a smile.

Carmen CameronCSI Club Southport

IT failures never happen during traditional business hours, thus it is very important to our business that our IT support is flexible enough to work within these parameters. QCNS have a proven track record in this regard. We are indeed fortunate to have such a dedicated business partner in QCNS.

Tony Cook, CPAFinance Manager, Ballina RSL

Chris and his team take a “get to the source” approach and look to fix problems properly. There is a no band aid approach from these guys. We would tell other organisations looking to sign up on an MSP with QCNS to not wait any longer! Have a meeting with Chris and his team, you will not be disappointed.

Steve EdgarGeneral Manager, The Surf Club Coolangatta

I would recommend QCNS as they provided us with great professional service and were efficient in their work and in communication. QCNS delivered excellent attention to detail and they were able to explain the work to us in laymans terms.

Michelle Sander, CPAFinance Manager, Broncos Leagues Club