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Personally managed business phone systems complete with ongoing support.

While we might all walk around with the latest personal mobile device in our pockets, most business phone systems are stuck in the dark ages. Sure, the old copper wiring may have been replaced with optic fibre or repurposed as VDSL which is delivered over internet protocol… but this only creates new problems. Like, what happens if your internet goes down? Which is an inevitable scenario. But now, because the two systems are wrapped up on the same network, you’ve lost your phones too. This is one of the many reasons why we use the cloud-based 3CX Business Phone Systems.

Moving your business and office phone systems to the cloud means you not only have a failsafe system that prevents you ever missing a call, you also have a system that allows your staff to make and receive calls from any device in any location. 3CX is a proper business-based PBX style system capable of running enterprise-sized corporations. You can expect anything from this system that you would expect from a traditional PBX with additional benefits that make it the far superior choice.


What a cloud phone system 
can do for your business

Save money

With no line rentals or lock-in contracts, 3CX offers unlimited calls on a pay per call or block amount per line per month. The savings are huge. In some instances, we’ve saved clients thousands of dollars per month by switching to cloud-based business phone systems.


One cloud-based office phone system can be shared by multiple locations and branch offices, meaning everything falls under the same account. This minimises the headache of multiple bills and trying to work out ratios of business to personal calls for staff mobiles.


The system is NBN ready and offers the latest in voice and video technology, so you’re set to go as the future of telecommunications continues to expand. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone and android devices making it highly dynamic.


A smart mobile app allows anyone with access to make or receive work calls from their personal phone so long as that device is on the mobile phone network. Desk phones and handsets can also be configured, allowing your team to be contactable wherever they go.

Even more benefits

The setup is simple and troubleshooting a breeze.

Call with a problem and we can diagnose the issue in minutes (bye bye painfully long phone calls to your telephone network carrier). You can forward calls to a private number outside office hours, divert calls to another phone or a voicemail while in a meeting and offer a customer call-back service. We might be raving fans of 3CX, but for good reason. There isn’t much this ingenious business phone system can’t do to make your job easier while improving your customer service and reducing your outgoings. And what else could you ask for?

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What Our Customers Say

We have been on an MSP since March 2018. The major benefit to our business is that the MSP is cost effective, rather than paying for all call-outs etc; We highly recommend QCNS; they are able to place reliance on efficient independent IT support with prompt response times.

Brian BaldwinGeneral Manager – Musgrave Hill Bowls Club

We decided to use QCNS for the installation of our phone system as we have found them to be very helpful in supporting us in other (IT) areas and we have always been delighted with their service.

We would recommend the 3cX phone system to other businesses with similar call volumes where their time can be better spent. Try it!

Rob Wood Owner – Ventura Building Surveyors

I have been associated with Chris for over 6 years and have always found him to be honest, reliable and highly educated in his field. Yeronga Services and Community Club has purchased all IT necessitates including computers, laptops and main club server from Chris, as he always follows up with prompt servicing and maintenance any day of the week.With he commitment Chris shows towards our Club, I would have no hesitation in recommending Qld Club Network Services to any company or business that is searching for excellence in IT.

Nathan YoungGeneral Manager – Yeronga Services & Community Club

We made the decision to go on a Managed Services Package (MSP) in August 2018 and we found value in the regular scheduled visits keeping our IT and equipment up to date. WE also found being on a monthly plan made it easier for us to budget as it reduced unexpected IT problems and wait times for site visits.

Peter PurinsGeneral Manager – The Blue Fin Fishing Club

I have known Chris for over 9 years and have worked with him over 2 venues. I not only have complete faith in Chris’s IT capabilities, but his customer service skills and understanding of the industry in which he services is like none I have dealt with in the past. It makes him a pleasure to deal with.

Michael BurgessGeneral Manager – Club Harrington

TECH-SPERTS! Seriously, if the team at QCNS can’t find it, do it, set it up, fix it, programme it, write it … it can’t be done.

They are amazing with their extensive experience, honed skills, knowledge, performance excellence, time management and most of all customer service with a great attitude and always a smile.

Carmen CameronCSI Club Southport

IT failures never happen during traditional business hours, thus it is very important to our business that our IT support is flexible enough to work within these parameters. QCNS have a proven track record in this regard. We are indeed fortunate to have such a dedicated business partner in QCNS.

Tony Cook, CPAFinance Manager, Ballina RSL

Chris and his team take a “get to the source” approach and look to fix problems properly. There is a no band aid approach from these guys. We would tell other organisations looking to sign up on an MSP with QCNS to not wait any longer! Have a meeting with Chris and his team, you will not be disappointed.

Steve EdgarGeneral Manager, The Surf Club Coolangatta

I would recommend QCNS as they provided us with great professional service and were efficient in their work and in communication. QCNS delivered excellent attention to detail and they were able to explain the work to us in laymans terms.

Michelle Sander, CPAFinance Manager, Broncos Leagues Club