Networking & Infrastructure

Network integration and infrastructure for the hospitality industry and beyond. Networking & infrastructure Like the foundation of a house, your network is the glue that keeps your IT infrastructure together. How strong is yours? Housing all the critical data that is integral to the day-to-day operation of your organisation, your network supports program integration, data […]

PC/Server Sales

Business computers and server sales for all operational needs. PC sales You need the right technology to match the unique needs of your business. You wouldn’t expect a standard car to offer the array of specifications you’d find in a luxury car. And you can’t expect everyday tech to match the power of business grade […]

Managed Services

Pass the buck. Outsource your IT and save yourself more money than it costs. Managed services Challenges with IT are inevitable. The support you have when it does can make all the difference to the impact on your business. As certain as the sun rising every morning, something is bound to go wrong. If you’ve […]

Phone Systems

Take your phone system to the cloud. Never miss a call. Improve your customer service. Save money. phone systems Personally managed business phone systems complete with ongoing support. While we might all walk around with the latest personal mobile device in our pockets, most business phone systems are stuck in the dark ages. Sure, the […]

Cyber Security

Cyber security, but better. Connect with us Cyber Security How secure is your data? If your answer to the above question is “I’m not sure”, you’ve got a problem. And here’s the thing about cyber security problems: you don’t realise exactly how big they are until you’re locked out of your network and have all […]